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An affiliate program (a custom writing affiliate program included) is the so-called deal between a specific merchant web resource and other sites. Those sites post links to the merchant web resource and are paid for sending traffic to it. This kind of agreement is based on the number of users that are sent to the target site by the affiliate ones. In some cases, the affiliate sites are paid according to the number of users who access a target web resource. Essentially, if the link located at the affiliate site brings money/traffic to the target site, the latter provides the former with a respective payment.

Referral programs are considered an effective way of selling products on the Net. At the same time, they are considered a good and affordable marketing strategy. In 1996, the idea of an affiliate scheme was popularized by the founder of This website attracts numerous affiliates, who, as a result, decide to post links to various books on it, by promising them some profits if Internet users click the referral link and buy a particular product. The affiliates help increase the number of sales but the rest is made by, i.e. they accept orders, process transactions, and deliver books to buyers. The referral scheme developed by this site is highly profitable since the website has more than 500,000 affiliates. Recently, the popularity of affiliate programs has grown considerably. A large number of online companies began to design their referral schemes, and our agency is not an exception.






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Earning Money

You will earn money if your friend would make an order, using your referral code. You will get a percentage of amount on every successful assignment completion (10% from his/her orders).

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Our company, which is known for providing writing services for students across the globe, occupies one of the leading positions in the industry. To retain current clients and attract new ones, we have developed a superior custom writing affiliate program that lets our users not only save some money but even generate profits. By establishing our referral scheme, we want to show our customers our firm commitment and deep gratitude. Being our user, you will get an opportunity to not only obtain top-notch pieces of writing but also reap some profits. By participating in our “make money in college” affiliate program, you will manage to make substantial financial savings and later use them to buy writing projects from us.

Those who will help us advertise our services, i.e. participate in our custom writing affiliate program, will be provided with generous discounts and cash bonuses. With us, you will be able to make money as a student without a hassle. All you have to do is join the referral scheme devised by our agency. Being a participant in our scheme, you will be given a special link and a promo code which you will have to share with your friends or acquaintances. Once any of them places an order at our site, you will earn points, i.e. bonuses.

If you are interested in joining our custom writing affiliate program, you should learn more about the terms and conditions of participation. Thus, to generate some income, you will need to take part in our promotional campaign aimed at attracting new customers. Thus, tell us how you can rate your experience of using our services and disseminate information about our company among your friends, classmates, or anyone who you believe may find our services useful. Remember to mention the advantages one can get by cooperating with us. When undertaking this kind of activity, i.e. participating in the company’s “make money in college” affiliate program, you will be awarded superior bonuses that can be used to purchase papers from us.

How to Earn Bonuses

Peculiarities of Our Custom Writing Affiliate Program

Being an active participant of the “make money in college” affiliate program designed by our online writing company and conducting a successful promotional campaign, you will get 10% from the first order placed on our website.

Every new client in their turn will receive a 17% discount on the first order submitted to us.

Details about the Process

  • Log in to your personal account with the help of your username and password.
  • Click the link called “Affiliate program” and read the provided information attentively to be aware of all aspects of our referral scheme and understand how you will be able to make money as a student. Close attention has to be paid to such fields as an email*, promo code, and a referral link.
  • Copy the provided link and share it with those who you think may need to use our services.
  • Everyone how gets your email with the promotional items will be able to use the promotional code when making their first order on our website and, as a result, get a 17% discount.
  • The shared promo code can be used only once since the customer who clicks the link will be remembered by our system.
  • Users will not need to make any calculations manually since the discount will be activated automatically.

*In the field called “My friends’ email,” you have to enter the emails of your friends, classmates, or acquaintances. It would be good if you indicated the emails of those interested in the services provided by

Benefits from Our Referral Scheme

The major advantage which one can enjoy is the bonus scheme: you will be granted 10% from each assignment ordered at by a new user whom you invited to us. The received bonuses can be accumulated in your personal account and then used to pay for the writing projects you will buy from us. In case you do not have enough bonuses to pay for your paper fully, you can make a payment by using both your bonuses and money. One more superior thing about our custom writing affiliate program is that the earned bonuses can be withdrawn by means of the money transfer.

If you want to find out how to make money for students and you are ready to take some action, join our referral program right now. We will help you generate profits.

Join Our Affiliate Program!

A 10% bonus is given to you every time somebody you recommended places an order with us. Refer your friends and get bonuses to your balance.

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